Thank you for your interest in this role with Norwich City Council.

Norwich is a modern city with historic roots and a creative heart. It has been a success story for almost 1,000 years. That continues.

In more recent times, Norwich has been identified by the Centre for Cities as one of the fastest growing cities in the UK along with Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes and Swindon. It also has the proud boast of being named as England’s first Unesco City of Literature. 

As part of the Key Cities Group, Norwich is uniquely placed to help provide a clear voice for people, organisations and businesses across urban Britain.

As a forward looking authority with a strong vision and clearly identified corporate priorities, this is an unmissable opportunity for our new head of customers, IT and digital to be instrumental in driving forward our digital ambitions.

We want to use technology to its full potential, both for internal and external purposes, so we can enable our workforce, residents and communities, while also ensuring our services are designed and transformed around the people who use them.

How we engage with residents and businesses is central to all that we do when it comes to delivering essential services that so many people rely on us to provide – all amid increasing expectations and dwindling resources.

Like all local authorities, we’re not without our challenges. Set against a backdrop of reducing funding, we’ve been coming up with new ways to deliver sustainable services going forward. This has seen us push on with generating income through our commercial property investments, bringing services back in-house, improving customer journeys and driving digital transformation.

But despite the many challenges, we are at the forefront of an exciting agenda.

The city council was the driving force behind bringing together the key movers and shakers in the city to agree a ‘Norwich 2040 City Vision’. This document sets out the kind of place we want Norwich to be in 20 years from now – being a connected city is one of its core themes and this new role is pivotal to that aspiration.

When it comes to the day-to-day working life of people at the city council it’s clear to see that the dynamics between cabinet members and officers are strong and effective – demonstrating that the council is at its best when these relationships are nurtured and preserved and values are shared.

There is much ahead for the city council to achieve so we very much look forward to working with our new head of customers, IT and digital to realise our ambitions.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your application.

Stephen Evans
Chief executive, Norwich City Council

Alan Waters
Leader, Norwich City Council